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PBT Polybutylene Terephthalates
    Publish time 2018-05-18 11:32    
PBT Polybutylene Terephthalates
Kanghui Petrochemical SSP plant with an annual capacity of 25,000 tons is designed and manufactured by POLYMETRIX (the former Swiss Buhler Company) adopting the latest solid state polycondensation technology and fully imports Swiss and Germany equipment as well as American Emerson DCS Auto control system. This plant is with the characteristic of stable IV, low energy consumption, low TVOC content and variety diversification.

PBT Polybutylene Terephthalates
Solid State Polycondensation plant (SSP) is a further polymerization reaction, which makes the low IV PBT chips to be heated to a base section above the glass transition temperature and below melting point in a nitrogen atmosphere in order to achieve the purpose of increasing IV, thereby optimizing molecular structure, reducing the carboxyl end group and TVOC to improve product mechanical properties, hydrolysis resistance, light resistance and so on. 
This product are mainly used in automotive, electrical and electronic, optical cable, rainbow film, elastic fiber and other industries, especially suitable for the demanding field on Tvoc (total volatile organic compound)content, such as automobile interior trim and spare parts, high-end electronic electrical, etc.