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    Publish time 2018-05-18 11:32    
      THF is a kind of heterocyclic organic compounds. It is one of the strong polarity ethers and can be used as medium polar aprotic solvents in chemical reaction and extraction. THF is a kind of colorless and volatile liquid, which smells similar to ether and is soluble in most of the organic solvent as water, ethanol, ether, acetone and benzene. THF can be used as solvent , raw material in organic synthesis , chromatographic analysis reagent, organic solvents and PTMEG. As a kind of important organic synthetic raw material, solvent with good performance and reaction solvent, THF can be used in electroplating aluminum liquid to control the thickness and light of layer.

1. Used as solvent or organic synthetic raw materials
2. Used as chromatographic analysis reagent, organic solvents or PTMEG
3. THF is a vital organic synthetic solvent with superior performance, especially applied in dissolving polyvinylidene chloride(PVC), poly(vinylidene chloride and butyl aniline), which is also widely used in dissolving surface coatings, anticorrosive coatings,
printing inks, tapes and film coatings. THF works as reaction solvent as well, which means that it can arbitrarily control the thickness and light of layer when used in electroplating aluminum liquid.