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Zhao Changfu, the acting mayor of Yingkou city surveyed and did research in Kanghui Petrochemical
Source: | Author:99kanghui | date:2015-12-26 | 23233 Views: | Share:

On the morning of December 25th, Zhao Changfu, the acting mayor of Yingkou city was accompanied by Zhao Guodong, the Party Secretary of Gaizhou city to survey and do research in Yingkou Kanghui Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
Mayor Zhao Changfu, first visited the plant, on which the clean the road, a patchwork of green environment and the staff full of spirit left deep impression to Mayor Zhao Changfu. Then they followed with Liu Jian, the general manager of Kanghui Petrochemical to visit the polyester film production workshop and inspect the whole process of film producing, slitting and packaging. Zhao Changfu had a keen interest in Kanghui Petrochemical for importing the German Brukner film production line with advanced technology and equipment, meanwhile he gave a high evaluation to Kanghui Petrochemical for the tidy working environment and advanced management mode.
Mayor Zhao Changfu also gleefully visited the transparent and clean administrative office area of Kanghui Petrochemical surrounded by trees, flowers in the office environment to demonstrate corporate culture and employee of humanistic care of this company. Mayor Zhao Changfu said, Yingkou Kanghui Petrochemical is the pride of Yingkou. Municipal government will fully support the enterprise development. He believed that Kanghui Petrochemical will be better and better to make great contribution on Yingkou economic construction.